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Stockholm Cinema Wishlist at end-october 2011

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Fall is all over us and The 22:nd Stockholm International Film Festival is coming up. A lot of great films are showing at the regular cinemas, though. And more are coming.

November is crowded with really interesting openings, including Aki Kaurismäki‘s Le Havre, Nanni Moretti‘s We Have a Pope!, A Dangerous Method (by David Cronenberg!) and The Skin I Live In – the new from Pedro Almodóvar. Not to mention Norwegian Headhunters/Huvudjägarna and Ruben Östlund‘s Play. With regular showings like that and the Film Festival going, movie life in Stockholm will be busy.

I never managed to watch neither Black Venus nor With Every Heartbeat/Kiss Me while they were showing and honestly it’s the kind of movies that will always end up second when it comes to choosing a movie to watch that particular night. Bummer!

Make sure to visit Bio Rio’s Salong 4 this fall, to get a great start of the evening – or a cozy ending of the day. With serving in the theatre and low cuddle-friendly sofas it’s a great initiative worth supporting, and really nice.

With that said, here’s the Stockholom Cinema Wishlist of Erik Sjölund:

Showing at Zita:
Angèle and Tony. Very beautiful love story set on the north Frech coast. [The southern opinion of Angèle and Tony]
A Separation. Celebrated persian film about a family struggeling with obligations towards each other.
La Prima Cosa Bella. The heartwarming Italian family drama is still showing, luckily. [The southern opinion of La Prima Cosa Bella]

Showing at Bio Rio:
– Bobby Fischer Against the World – Documentary about the excentric American chess amster. Seems interesting and nice.
– Pina – Wim Wender’s celebrated show of dance performance. Should probably be seen in 3D.

Showing at different theaters of SF and Svenska Bio:
Colombiana. Excellent action with a female lead from Luc Besson. [The southern opinion of Colombiana]
Contagion. Very good about the fear of an epidemic like the bird flu by Steven Soderbergh. [The southern opinion of Contagion]
Crazy, Stupid, Love. To cry at for us who still believe in romantics.
One Day/En dag. Also for us who still believe in romantics. Seems really nice, and Anne Hathaway is getting better.
En enkel till Antibes. Could be really good. Sven-Bertil Taube as the dementia-ridden traveller.
Happy End. Terribly, moving about people in crisis. Wonderful acting. [The southern opinion of Happy End]
In Time. Questionable quality but promising thriller story of the inequalities in the world.
Midnight in Paris. Funny and nice from Woody Allen. [The southern opinion of Midnight in Paris]
Nobody Else but You/Mysteriet i Mouthe. French thriller set in snowy mountains. Might be very beautiful.
Stockholm Östra. Promising relations drama relating to 21 Grams.
Submarine. Very beautiful and a little funny family drama on a guy’s adolescent troubles. [The southern opinion of Submarine]
The Adventures of Tintin. Well, there is a risk that you kill your childhood hero…

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