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Stockholm Cinema Wishlist at end-august 2011

Summer’s still lasting and some interesting titles are still showing, as the fall openings gathers. Of course Woody Allen’s new feature Midnight in Paris has high expectations as well as She Monkeys (Apflickorna) in the coming weeks. Sadly, I missed Kung Fu Panda 2 with original voices.

Still, here’s today’s Stockholom Cinema Wishlist of Erik Sjölund:

Showing at Zita:
La prima cosa bella/The First Beautiful Thing – Italian romance with social realism promising beauty.
Svart Venus/Black Venus/Vénus Noire – French Colonial drama making me very interested.
Benda Bilili – Praised documentary on handicapped poor musicians overcoming obstacles.
Poesi/Poetry/Shi – South Korean beauty on getting old. Might be slow – or fantastic.

Showing at Bio Rio:
Submarine – Youth drama, promising surrealism. Might be plain or hillarious.
The Trip – Mocumentary on getting middle aged. Funny but a bit overrated. Previously reviewed on Facebook.

Showing at different SF-theaters:
Apornas Planet (r)Evolution/Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Another remake with good reviews.
Bridesmaids – Hillarious and bold American comedy on bridesmaids fighting and preparing a wedding. [The Southern Opinion]
Cirkus Columbia – Complex family drama Balkan style by the director of No mans Land.
Conan the Barbarian – Remake of the classic. It’s a must.
Dogtooth/Kynodontas – Greek family drama with great absurdism. [The Southern Opinion]
Jag saknar dig – Swedish drama on the loss of a twin with fair reviews.
Kronjuvelerna/The Crown Jewels – Swedish anacronistic youth drama with some bold photo. [The Southern Opinion]
Kyss mig/With Every Heartbeat – Swedish romatic drama about a lesbian couple.
Melancholia – Lars von Trier’s film with after Antichrist. Need I say more?
Nawals hemlighet/Incendies – Promising war drama set in an unidentified country.
Pirates of the Caribbean: I främmande farvatten/On Stranger Tides – Fourth feature with Jack Sparrow, now with Penélope Cruz!
Potiche – French romantic drama on gender equality set in the sixties. Might be conventional but cast is promising.
The King’s Speech – Wonderful acting and great photo in the academy award-winning drama on George VI’s speech defect. [The Southern Opinion]
The Tree of Life – Slow but beautiful drama rich in symbols, about a cruel father. [The Southern Opinion]
Water for Elephants – Forbidden love set in a Circus. With Christoph Waltz from Inglourious Basterds!
Winter’s bone – Rough, great drama about a white trash teenage girl solving problems. [The Southern Opinion]

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